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The Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

Quick and Comprehensive Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

Ready to feel empowered and calm as you approach your birth the affordable way? I've got just the thing for you!


This is a short yet impactful course that lasts around 3 to 4 hours, delivered over one session but can be split over two if you prefer. Perfect for those needing a quick refresher or a crash course in Hypnobirthing. Whether you've taken a Hypnobirthing class before, are nearing your due date, or just want a concise yet thorough prep, this course is designed to leave you and your birth partner feeling confident and ready to birth your baby!

Why You’ll Love This Course:

Quick and Efficient: In just 3-4 hours, we cover all the essentials.

Flexible Schedule: Sessions can be done in my cosy boho studio or online, whenever suits you and your birth partner best.

Instant Confidence Boost: You’ll walk away feeling calm and confident, equipped with Hypnobirthing skills to support you through every stage of labor for a smoother, more positive birth experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Birth Physiology Basics: Understand what happens in your body during birth.

  • Positive Birth Approach: Learn to approach birth with optimism for a gentle, safe, and calm experience.

  • Fear Release: Address and release any fears about childbirth to avoid the 'fear-tension-pain cycle.'

  • Relaxation Techniques: Master deep and quick relaxation techniques using breathing, visualizations, and guided MP3s.

  • Hormone Stimulation: Learn how to naturally stimulate birthing hormones.

  • Body Trust: Trust your body’s natural ability to work with your baby.

  • Empowered Navigation: Feel empowered to navigate birth, even if interventions are needed.

  • Breathing Methods: Enhance your body's natural expulsive reflex with effective breathing techniques for a gentler birth.

  • Plus Loads More: Dive into many more insights and techniques that will support you through labor.

What’s Included?

3 to 4 Hours of Teaching

Welcome Pack and Goodies: Get a special welcome pack filled with helpful items to kickstart your Hypnobirthing journey.

Digital Hypnobirthing Manual: Access a comprehensive digital manual that you can refer to anytime.

Guided Hypnosis Tracks: Receive 3 relaxing MP3 tracks to support your practice.

Birth Planning Support: Personalised help to plan for your birth.

Follow-Up Call: A 20 minute follow-up call between 37-42 weeks, if desired.

Ongoing Support: I’m here for you throughout your pregnancy, ready to offer guidance and answer any questions.

Ready to transform your birth experience with confidence and calm? Let’s make it happen together! Reach out to book your session and get started on your Hypnobirthing journey today for only £130 per birth couple! 

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