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The Complete Hypnobirthing Course

The Ultimate Birth Prep Course!


Up to 10 hours of hypnobirthing education delivered over three weekly sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. I offer these courses in a group setting (MAX 2 couples) or I offer it as a 1-1 private course for just you and your birth partner. I can adjust the schedule in a 1-1 to fit your needs and we can do it over two sessions or we can do two in person sessions and one online session im fully flexible for you and your needs!

What’s Included:

10 Hours of Teaching 1-1 or Group: Personalised sessions in the comfort of my boho studio or in your own home, or online, at a time that suits you and your birth partner.

Welcome Pack & Goodies: A special welcome pack to get you started on your hypnobirthing journey.

Hypnobirthing Client Manual: A hardcopy manual filled with all the essential information and techniques.

Relaxing Hypnosis Tracks: A collection of guided hypnosis tracks to support your practice.

Birth Planning Support: Assistance with creating a birth plan that makes you feel informed and in control.

20 Minute Follow Up Call: A follow-up call between 37-42 weeks to answer any questions and run through the hypnobirthing techniques and provide any additional support needed.

Ongoing Support: Continuous support throughout your pregnancy to ensure you feel confident and prepared.

What You Will Learn:

Basic Physiology of Birth: Understanding how your body works during childbirth.​

Positive Birth Beliefs: Cultivating the belief that giving birth can be a wonderful experience.

Releasing Fear: How to release fears associated with childbirth to avoid the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle.

Deep Relaxation Techniques: Methods to help you relax deeply and stay calm.

Promoting Birthing Hormones: Techniques to naturally promote the production of birthing hormones.

Trusting Your Body: Learning to trust your body to work in harmony with your baby.

Birth Plan Preparation: Creating a comprehensive birth plan so you feel informed and in control.

Navigating Interventions: Empowering you with the knowledge to navigate birth interventions or assistance if needed.

Optimal Birthing Positions: Positions to help facilitate a smoother birth process.

Breathing Techniques: Effective breathing techniques to support you during labor.



Full Course (Private 1:1): £325 per birth couple.

Group Course (Max 2 couples): £250 per birth couple.

Join me for this transformative hypnobirthing course and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to have a positive and confident birthing experience. Whether you choose to learn in my tranquil studio, the comfort of your home, or online, I'm here to support you every step of the way. Let’s make your birth experience as wonderful and stress-free as possible!

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