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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Birth Partners

Hello readers! I’m in the car currently doing a transcript to turn into a blog post and today I’m discussing the unsung heroes of the birthing room: birth partners.

As I make my way to my pregnancy relaxation class, I couldn't help but reflect on the role these birth partners play in the beautiful journey of childbirth. Recently, during one of my hypnobirthing courses, I had an encounter with a birth partner who described himself as "useless." His words struck a chord within me, and it ignited a sense of urgency to address a common misconception: the feeling of inadequacy among birth partners.

Let's debunk this myth together. Birth partners, listen up: you are far from useless. In fact, you are incredible. You hold an intimate understanding of the birthing person, knowing their desires, fears, and needs like no one else. You are their advocate, their rock, their guiding light through the storm of labor. With the hospital staff and medical procedures, it's easy to feel overshadowed, to doubt your significance in the birthing room. But let me assure you, your presence matters more than you realize. Your comforting touch, reassuring words, and unwavering support can make all the difference in the birthing experience.

I speak from personal experience when I say that my own husband was an absolute champion birth partner during the arrival of our daughter and son. Despite his own discomforts “yes he was pushing a poo while I was during the pushing stage of my son” you have to laugh LOL … he was offering encouragement and strength when I needed it most. He held my hands, he was making sure i was drinking and eating, he honestly just was the most incredible birth partner and i couldnt ask for more.

What you can do to help as a birth partner:

-Simple Nurturing

-Providing water and snacks

-Encourage Movement and breathing techniques

-Play music and relaxation tracks and MP3s

-Remind mum to go to the loo

-Protect the birth environment


-Light touch Massage

-Hugs before Drugs

-Remind them of affirmations

-Ensure they are relaxed

So, to all the birth partners out there, I salute you: never underestimate your worth. You are essential rocks of strength.

If you find yourself doubting your role or struggling to understand your importance, fear not. I can help you! Consider enrolling in a hypnobirthing course, like the one I offer in Norwich. Through education and empowerment, these courses not only equip you with the tools to navigate childbirth but also instill a newfound confidence in your abilities as a birth partner and can bring you closer together. And remember, distance is no barrier to support. Whether through online sessions or in-person consultations, I am dedicated to ensuring that every birth partner feels prepared, valued, and empowered to embark on this transformative journey.

Moral of the story is to stand tall and feel proud you are the unsung heroes of the birthing room.

With warmest regards

Megan (Bump 2 Babies Hypnobirthing Norwich)

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