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Pregnancy Relaxation Class in Norwich

Hello. Are you pregnant and local to Norwich!? Then hello and welcome to my blog post and my website!

I am Megan, a qualified hypnobirthing teacher, birth educator and postnatal supporter. I offer gorgeous relaxation sessions in Norwich Norfolk at The Ash Tree off Plumstead Road. This venue is insane! Imagine a festival yurt that’s cosy filled with fairy lights, disco balls, calming music, warmth and yummy goodies… a place where you can relax and let go and focus on yourself and your beautiful baby.

Imagine pregnancy relaxation like yoga but NO YOGA. No exercise just mindset work, breath work, intro to hypnobirthing, meeting other like minded mums, visualisation and more.

Pregnancy relaxation is so good for regulating your emotions and stress levels. Calm your body and pop yourself in the parasympathetic state which is our rest and digest state where we have controlled breathing, we can promote oxytocin which helps speeds up labour. We learn how to enter this relaxed state quickly and deeply no matter the environment or distraction.

I can’t explain to you how important relaxing during pregnancy is… it’s so easy as mums to bottle up how your feeling but it’s really really vital to let it out and share your struggles and worries it’s completely normal! My pregnancy relaxation class in Norwich is a safe space, a space where you can let go… I call it a little “brain dump” allowing everything to exit your head it’s a bit like therapy but for birth!

There’s so many benefits

• Reduced Stress

•Enhances Bonding

•Helps with any discomfort

•Improved sleep

•Reduces tension and promotes calmness

•Allows you to navigate the ups and downs of pregnant

In our busy hectic manic and full on days it’s so hard to connect with your baby so this 1-1 time allows you to connect with baby and show them you are here. So many mums message me saying omg baby was kicking so much she must of loved it. When mum is calm and happy baby is calm and happy!

So what are you waiting for? Contact today to find out the next available dates!

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