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The Birth of my 2nd Child - Aubrey Bear

Hello again! I'm back, and this time it's the birth story of my youngest, my 2nd baby, Aubrey Bear, who was born on the 04/06/2022, weighing 9lb 8. He was born at 41+1. I used a Tens machine and Gas and air.

So Aubrey was a happy accident! He was actually born 11 weeks before our wedding, which is insane when I think back to it. I had to change my wedding dress; it was all very eventful and stressful, I must add, haha.

I found my pregnancy harder with him due to having a toddler to look after. I felt a lot bigger the second time around and a lot achier. Also, as a second-time mum, you don’t get to rest like you did the first time around, so I did feel tired, lethargic, and just exhausted. My piles were absolutely horrendous, and I was on bed rest for 5 weeks and listed for surgery after I gave birth.

My birth with Aubrey was very different from Nellie's; it was a hell of a lot quicker. However, the labor might have been quick, but the pregnancy felt like it was dragging because I genuinely thought that I would give birth at around 39 weeks, as I just presumed second babies came quicker. So when I reached 41 weeks, I was fed up and so ready for him to be born.

I went to bed on the 3rd of June, and I was just praying that tonight would be the night. We were so excited to complete our family and meet our little boy. At around 2 am, I remember waking up to a weird popping sound and then jumped out of bed, and I stood up, and I just remember it being like the movies… my waters broke and were gushing out everywhere. I was so excited; I was shouting at Lewis, ‘’Get me a towel, wow look haha’’ I could not believe how much water there was haha! It just kept coming.

My contractions hadn’t started right away, but I knew there was absolutely no way of me going to bed now that my waters had broken. I was so excited and just had butterflies and honestly could not wait to give birth. I stayed up while my husband slept, and I just bounced on my ball and caught up on some TV. Then I got my first surge, and it was intense! I woke Lewis up and said it's starting. They were coming every 6-7 minutes, and I just carried on as normal, tidying and preparing the final bits of my hospital bag. I rang the maternity unit and just let them know the situation as I was hoping for a water birth, so I wanted one of the rooms with a birthing pool. I didn’t get to experience this with Nellie as I was considered high risk due to the length of time my waters were broken, and I wanted a water birth more than anything this time as I knew Aubrey would be my last baby.

At around 5 am, the contractions were 4-6 minutes apart, and I rang up my mum and dad as they were going to look after Nellie for the day, and I gave them the heads up, and they were so excited and told me to let them know when it ramps up. I called my mum around 20 minutes later to say ‘’it’s ramping up, please get here soon’’. They left, and they turned up around 6:30, and when they turned up, I was sat on the kitchen table, and by this point, I needed to get to the hospital because they were 3-4 minutes apart and were very strong.

We drove to the hospital, which takes around 15 minutes, and I remember this drive being incredibly hard, and it felt so long. Once we arrived at the hospital, I hit the transition phase… I was adamant I couldn’t do it, and I wanted an epidural, but at this point, I knew in my head this must mean I'm near the end now! I was examined and was 8 cm, and my midwife told me it's not going to be long. She filled the bath up for me and put the radio on and some gorgeous fairy lights and projector lights in the room, and I was zen. I honestly felt euphoric. I was slow breathing, swaying, focusing on birthing my baby boy.

At 7:30 am, I felt my body starting to push, and my midwife just said follow your body. The pushing was done for me; my body just knew exactly what to do, and I let my body do its thing, and at 8:16 am, my little man was born to Ed Sheeran Thinking out loud. Honestly, the birth was truly magical and is everything I ever wanted and dreamt of. It was 6 hours from start to finish from waters breaking to him coming out. I just loved giving birth so much, and I hope this birth story reassures you on what birth can be like. I want to empower anyone out there who is feeling worried or scared!

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