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Power Hour 

Hypnobirthing Power Hour Call: Your Personal Birth Prep Session

Maybe you've done a hypnobirthing course or maybe you just want an hour call to address any fears and worries and discuss your birth plan. Get ready for a power hour packed with information to suit you and your needs that leaves you feeling fully prepped and confident for your upcoming birth!


This hour is designed for you and your birth partner. It's tailored to provide personal, comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring you both feel empowered and ready for the big day.

Here’s What We’ll Cover During Your Hypnobirthing Power Hour Call:

  • Introduction to Hypnobirthing: We’ll kick off with an overview of what hypnobirthing is all about and how it can work to  transform your mindset and improve your overall birthing experience.

  • Breathing and Relaxation Techniques: I’ll guide you through essential breathing and relaxation techniques that can help you manage pain and keep you calm during labor.

  • Addressing Concerns and Questions: This is your time to ask any burning questions or share concerns. I’m here to provide clarity and reassurance and if I can't do this on the phone don't worry because after every power hour phone call I follow up with a detailed email so you can refer back to it at any point.

  • Birth Preferences and Planning: We’ll discuss the importance of creating a birth plan and go over your preferences to ensure you feel in control and prepared.

  • Resources and Further Support: I’ll share additional resources like recommended reading materials and a free relaxation track so you can continue your hypnobirthing journey beyond our session.

What Makes the Hypnobirthing Power Hour Call So Beneficial?


Focused and Personal: In just one hour, you’ll get personalised, focused guidance tailored to your needs.

Boosts Confidence: Gain the knowledge and skills needed to approach childbirth with positivity and calmness.

Comprehensive Support: From practical techniques to emotional support, this session covers all the bases.

Continued Preparation: With the follow up email I will include lots of free resources and a relaxation track which means you’ll be able to keep practicing and preparing even after our call.

Overall, my Hypnobirthing Power Hour Call is all about empowering you and your birth partner with the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed for a calm and positive birth experience. Ready to feel empowered and prepared? Let’s get started!

Book your Hypnobirthing Power Hour Call today and take the first step towards a positive, calm, and empowered birthing experience!

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