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Becoming a Hypnobirthing Teacher

Hello and welcome! This is my first blog post, and I'm very excited. Blogging is something I have always loved, and I have always wanted to create my own blog, so writing this feels very surreal!

Anyway, a quick introduction. I am Megan, a wife to my wonderful husband, Lewis, and a mum of two to Nellie & Aubrey. I work in the hospital as a Digital Health Trainer, which basically means, in simple form, I train staff! I love training people. I'm based in Norwich/Norfolk, but I also offer remote sessions via Zoom.

You are all here to find out why I chose to become a hypnobirthing instructor, and the truth is, hypnobirthing found me! When I was pregnant, I was obsessed with all things pregnancy and learning about birth. I did a hypnobirthing online course, which was brilliant but was a very basic Hypnobirthing course. When I gave birth, I wanted to do it again (crazy, I know!).

When I gave birth to my little girl, I was obsessed with taking photos of her, and I ran a mum Instagram influencing other mums, and following that, I became a part-time family photographer… photographing bump, baby, and beyond. However, during that process, something was missing. I was obsessed with all things pregnancy; every pregnant woman that came into the studio, I was so excited to discuss birth plans and more with her. When they came back to have newborn shoots, yes, the baby was cute, but I was more interested in the birth and how mum was doing. I knew from that point I was meant to work with pregnant women.

I initially looked into training to be a midwife but due to having two young kiddies and the funding costs to do a maternity degree I just didn't want to commit too. I then I stumbled across hypnobirthing teachers. In all honesty, I thought that I would need to be a midwife in order to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher, but I was wrong! Anyone can!

Anyway, I decided straight away that I needed to do this; it was calling me. I was in a really awful place mentally as my parents had just split up, and I felt like my whole world had fallen apart, and I really wanted to focus and put my all into something. The investment was £1000, and no mum of two has £1000 lying around, so that night I listed all my photography items for sale, and in about 1-2 weeks, I made my money back and invested in the course. The course itself was just incredible; I trained with the wonderful Wendy and Melissa from The Little Birthing Company. I felt like I had a sense of purpose and belonging and was welcomed into their family of hypnobirthing instructors with open arms. I was able to easily juggle the course and being a mum of two, and 4 months later, I qualified, and I am the happiest I have ever been! This is my calling!

I can truly say that I have never in my life cared about anything like I do this. Hypnobirthing has taken over my life. It's helped my confidence grow and I truly feel like a changed woman. Every day and night, I'm studying, educating to educate you! People who have not trained in hypnobirthing really do not understand the power and significance. I am here to help you change your mindset towards birth and to help you look forward to birth, and I can’t wait to help you achieve the birth of your dreams.

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