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Milky Mama Lactation Cookies


Meg here the megnificent chef (see what i did there) HAHA! I love trialling new recipes and yummy things for my clients to eat.

On Tuesday i decided i would take myself to the local supermarket in Norwich to grab all of the ingredients to make some Lactation cookies. It was eventful to say the least... brewers yeast, coconut sugar aint easy to find believe you me!

Anyway once i had gathered all the ingredients i went ahead and mixed all the dry ingredients and then i added the wet ingredients and it turned into a lush flapjack consistency. I then rolled them into little balls and then flattened them into cookie shapes and then i baked them for around 12 minutes.

THE SMELL WAS DEVINE. They came out so crispy and golden but the middle was gooey and moist. I ate one warm and all i can say is wow.

I gifted them to my lovely hypnobirthing clients and my pregnancy relaxation clients and i had excellent reviews!

This is such a good little treat you can make up and then add to the freezer ready for babies arrival.

Theres not much evidence around lactation cookies and if they actually help BUT the calories will help and the pure easiness of being able to grab and go! Preparing is key when it comes to having a newborn baby and these are full of vitamins and nutrients.

Buying all the ingredients can be slightly pricey but the ingredients will last you absolutely ages and you will be able to get 5-6 batches.

What you will need to buy :

Rolled oats

Plain Flour

Brewers yeast

Bicarbonate soda

Baking powder

Coconut oil

Coconut sugar



Chocolate chips


I have attached the full instructions below on how to make them and the ratio of ingredients that you need so please d o give it a go and when you do let me know what you think!

Have a beautiful day!

Meg x

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